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Research Projects


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Affiliation of Participant(s):计算机科学与技术学院

Leading Scientist:YLJ

Classification of Project:面上项目

Project level:Provincial and ministerial-level

Project Participants:DJX,YXG,Peng Shujuan,Zhang Hongbo,徐添辰,温天宇,魏百超

Project Number:20161ZB050

Date of Project Approval:2016-03-01

Scheduled completion time:2019-04-01

Subsidy Amount(¥):4.0


Gender:Female Education Level:博士研究生 Alma Mater:University of Macau Degree:Doctoral Degree in Philosophy Status:在岗 School/Department:College of Computer Science and Technology Business Address:机电楼A413 E-Mail: