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Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Academic Titles:心理文化学研究所副所长(2018)


Education Level:博士研究生

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Law


Business Address:厦门市集美区集美大道国立华侨大学行政主楼1412


Other Post:国际关系学院教授

Discipline:International Politics
International Relations

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Yu Kuolung



Education Level:博士研究生



Kuo-Lung Yu, Ph.D. in International Politics from Peking University and Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science from Peking University, is currently a professor in the School of International Relations and Deputy Director of the Institute of Psychology and Culture Studies at Huaqiao University. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Journal of world Confederation of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies, associate editor of the Blue Book of Overseas Chinese, reviewer of the FD-QM online course at Fudan University, and director of the Overseas Chinese Historical Society of China. Professor Yu's main research area is the comparative study of Chinese, American, Indian, and Japanese cultures, involving issues of ethnic politics, nation building, and international relations, etc. He has always been committed to combining Eastern and Western cultures and developing a local Chinese social science based on psycho-culturalism. He has published 13 individual monographs, edited books, more than 30 papers and book chapters, including Psychoculturology: The Study and Application of the Francis L. K. Hsu’s Theory, (2010), and A Study on Francis L. K. Hsu’s Comparative Theory of Literate Civilizations (2014), and A survey of the Chinese Culture’s influence in India (2019), and The Japanese and Japan: an approach of the Psychoculturology (2021), Blue Book of Overseas Chinese (2014-2021). His scientific achievements have won the first prize of the Sun Pinghua Japanese Academic Award in China, four awards for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Fujian Province, two awards for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Xiamen City, and two awards for outstanding papers in the Journal of Japanese Studies, an authoritative journal in the field of Japanese studies.

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[1]   辅仁大学  | Japanese Language and Literature  | Bachelor's degree  | University graduated
[2]   北京大学  | International Politics  | Master's degree  | With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates
[3]   北京大学  | International Politics  | Doctoral degree  | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

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[1]  国际关系

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[1]   2008 许烺光心理文化学研究会

[2]   2014北京大学文化与国家行为研究中心副主任

[3]   2015《华侨华人蓝皮书》副主编

[4]   2019复旦大学-美国高等教育在线课程质量评审标准(FD-QM)课程评审师

[5]   2021中国华侨历史学会第八届理事